Three Ducks | The History Behind Our Colours

Three Ducks | The History Behind Our Colours

At the age of about 3 years old we moved from Armidale NSW to Tamworth NSW. My dad was a paramedic for his entire career and was transferred there with work. For reasons unknown to me, my dad decided to get me three ducklings. They had such original names: Donald, Daisy and Daffy. As ducklings they would follow me around everywhere. I would pick them up and play with them, give them baths and spend so much time with them. Perhaps he bought them specifically as companions for me because at this time, I was an only child and didn’t really have anyone around to play with. Our dog, Sandy had already passed away by this time. That’s a story for another day.

As the ducks grew, they started growing bigger than me. Instead of them following me around, they started to chase and peck at me. At the time I was convinced they were trying to attack me, or even kill me! Really, they just wanted to play with me still. I became scared of them and was too scared to go outside into the backyard. My swings and slippery dip were out there, and I wanted to play but those evil ducks were conspiring to eat me!

It was decided that the ducks had to go to the farm.  So off they went in the cage on the back of dad’s ute. As I was so young, I don’t know how much time had passed by the time I visited the farm, but it wasn’t too long. I remember getting there though and asking dad “where are my ducks?” He said they were in their pen up near the chooks. They also got let out at the same time of day as the chooks to go free range. My granny told me I could come with her to let them all out of their pens and when we did, the ducks came to granny and walked by her side. At that moment I wanted my ducks back. Dad said no, and they were to stay there now. I was not happy about this at all. They were my friends again. Such a fickle child I was.

So that was that. The ducks stayed at the farm and I would visit them when I went out to visit my granny and grandad. They lived for a very long time and had a happy free-range life.

So why name this colour after these three ducks? Well, it’s a beautiful duck egg blue/green and every time I think of ducks, I think of those 3 little cuties.

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