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Suffuse meaning is to spread through in liquid and light. Seemed a pretty fitting name for such a delicious paint.

PEBBLE GREY is a true grey.

Carts & Millie Suffuse Paint is a mineral and clay hybrid paint. The paint is applied like any other mineral paint. It has a slightly longer open time than mineral paint meaning it's easier to blend with and can be reactivated like a clay or chalk type paint for a short window of time, depending on your substrate can be reactivated up to 8 hours after drying. Once dry, it will dry to a very matte finish with semi self levelling finish. It is a velvety smooth paint which will require sealing. Leave to dry at least 24 hours prior to sealing and allow up to 28 days to fully cure. 

Allergy and Asthma Friendly | Semi-self leveling | Highly Pigmented | Stunning Colours; Mix Your Own Hues | Safe to Paint Indoors

 A 500ml bottle will cover a medium to large sized project such as a buffet or hutch. Actual coverage may vary depending on surface, application and colour.

Colours are approximate and may vary with screen settings.