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Boutique Bling

Boutique Bling

Carts & Millie
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Add a sparkle of royalty to your projects with high quality metallics.

Carts & Millie Boutique Bling is a shiny metallic glaze or paint medium to take your piece to the next level. It has a built in sealer there is no need to finish with a top coat or wax.

COVERAGE: A 200ml bottle covers 4-5 square meters. Actual coverage may vary depending on surface, application and colour.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply using your favourite Paint Pixie Brush or a good quality paint brush. 

Using as paint - Brush onto the surface of your piece and allow at least an hour drying time between coats. Includes a built in sealer so no need for waxes or top coats. 

Using as a glaze - Apply to the areas preferred and wipe back as desired; work fast as it dries quickly. 

CLEAN UP: Wash brushes with clean running water and SUDS soap, or other eco-friendly detergent. Do not pour down drains or wash brushes in sinks that lead to waterways.

Do not freeze. Store in a cool, dry place. 

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