Boutique Furniture Soft Wax
Boutique Furniture Soft Wax
Boutique Furniture Soft Wax
Boutique Furniture Soft Wax
Boutique Furniture Soft Wax

Boutique Furniture Soft Wax

Carts & Millie
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Four colours to suit your every need: black, white, aged (brown) and clear. 

Carts & Millie Soft Furniture Wax (80g) is a premium grade, creamy finishing wax made with Australian beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, mineral oil, pigments and natural preservative. It is a non-toxic, VOC free sealant for both painted finishes and bare wood. Use the coloured waxes for defining intricate detail and highlighting brush strokes to add texture to furniture and decor. We recommend applying a layer of Clear Wax before applying tinted waxes to control the absorbency and intensity of colour. Read more here.

COVERAGE: An 80g tin will cover 6.5-8 square metres. Actual coverage may vary depending on surface porosity, texture and wastage rates.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use a lint-free cloth, muslin or wax brush and apply a thin layer into the surface and details. Work in small areas at a time, wiping excess off with a clean cloth and allowing wax to remain in the recesses of details and surface imperfections. Allow to dry for up to 12 hours then buff to a sheen with the Paint Pixie Buffy or Buff or lint-free cotton cloth. Once you feel no more resistance on your surface, you have buffed the piece enough. If you do wish for a shinier surface, you can keep buffing.

Do not ingest. Cured in 30 days, use gently.

DURABILITY: Carts & Millie Furniture Waxes are suitable as the final protective finish of Furniture Paint, Milk Paint, Clay Paint and raw timber. Reapply wax to the surface every 6-12 months, depending on temperature and climate. Indoor use only, clean up with mineral spirits.

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