Classic Bouquets 24" x 33" Paintable Decor Transfer

Classic Bouquets 24" x 33" Paintable Decor Transfer

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The sound of a mortar and pestle were as familiar to him as his own breath. It was Silas' job to gather, and his mother prepared. "Step up and take your tinctures, teas and topicals, for whatever may ail you." Their faded mustard caravan was never openly welcomed in a town, still they never lacked for business.

IOD Paintable Décor Transfers are similar to original IOD Décor Transfers, but in a material and design that is ideally suited for colouring in. They are so much fun. Their versatility makes it possible for you to make your project completely unique.

SIZE: 24" x 33" (60.9 x 83.8cm)

COLOUR: Soft Black

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply your Paintable Décor Transfer to a clean, matte, dry base. Many people use chalk and mineral type paints on these projects, and they work great. Optionally, when using chalk or mineral type paint, you can enhance adhesion with a light coat of Boutique Top or similar then allow it to dry thoroughly before transfer application. 

Keep your transfer with its backing sheet until you are ready to apply. Any dust, dirt or grime will interfere with adhesion so ensure you are using in a clean environment. Do not allow the adhesive side of transfer to touch anything prior to application. When handling the transfer, avoid letting the adhesive side touch itself (best to do indoors away from any kind of breeze).

Apply your Paintable Décor Transfer to your surface by rubbing with the included tool until it is completely transferred. When you lift the clear sheet to check, if there are any bits left on the sheet, just gently lay it back down and rub those spots to transfer them.

Once your image is completely transferred, make sure it is all securely down and burnish with a clean dry cloth so all edges are snuggly adhered.

Optional: At this stage, you can distress with a medium or fine sanding block if you choose.

Finally, you can choose to colour in your transfer with watercolours, diluted (50/50) furniture paint, India ink, water soluble crayons or other similar product.

STORAGE: Store transfers in a cool, dry place so the adhesive is not affected by humidity or heat.

Colours are approximate and may vary with screen settings.

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