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Fresh Butter

Fresh Butter

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FRESH BUTTER... A beautiful buttery yellow reminding me of making home made butter from fresh milk with my granny when I was little. 

A completely fuss free milk paint. Pre-made so you don't have to waste valuable time mixing your milk paint. Thicker than the post-made powdered paint, you will find there is less mess with application. You do not need to lay your project or piece on its side to paint it horizontally, you can paint it vertically and it will not run. You may find that certain colours are still quite transparent upon the first application, however you will receive a lovely opaque finish upon a further coat or two. Give your project a light sand between coats and you will have a buttery smooth finish at the end. To seal it, give it a lovely coat of Boutique Soft Furniture Wax or Boutique Furniture Hemp Oil.

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