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Boutique Furniture Hemp Oil

Boutique Furniture Hemp Oil

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A yellow-green, all natural seed oil that dries to a clear, low sheen protective layer for painted furniture and timber alike.

Carts & Millie Boutique Hemp Furniture Oil is made from 100% natural hemp seeds. It is a high-grade, chemical free, VOC-free, biodegradable finishing product that nourishes raw timber and protects painted finishes. It penetrates deep into the grain or paint and once cured it is a hardened layer resistant to chipping and cracking. Use to rejuvenate tired dry cutting boards and utensils, as it is food-safe and does not contain solvents, additives or preservatives. 

COVERAGE: A 250ml bottle covers approximately 4 to 10 square metres, a small amount of oil goes a long way. Actual coverage may vary depending on surface treatment and application. A previously oiled or painted surface will require very little oil, whereas raw timber will require more, especially if it is old and dry.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply apply with a lint-free cloth or soft bristled brush and leave for a minimum of four (up to 12) hours. Wipe and buff excess oil from your piece with a clean cloth. Complete drying may take a few days as deeper excess oil rises to the top, wipe further with a cloth if necessary. Cured in 30 days, use gently. 

DURABILITY: A surface treated with hemp oil will last years. For high traffic pieces use two to three initial coats, and reapply every 12 months to maintain a lovely finish. Compatible with most milk paints, chalk paints, mineral paints and stains.

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