Entomology Etcetera 24" x 33" Decor Transfer
Entomology Etcetera 24" x 33" Decor Transfer

Entomology Etcetera 24" x 33" Decor Transfer

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The petite man’s overwhelming smile lifted his wire rim glasses “Please, leave your sandals here.” He pointed to a hewn shelf dwarfed by the adjacent gilded doors. The hem of his gauze pants swept the marble corridor floor in front of us. We approached a wall of panes distorting the world it contained. A series of metal clicks and a swoosh of cool wet air ushered me over the marble threshold. Petrar must have thought I was high. I stood for a moment head cocked upward before I repossessed the sense to close my mouth. Like slow motion confetti, rare butterflies drifted through the atmosphere.And then… on a vine 24 inches from my face, it alighted. The Pachliopta hector.

IOD Decor Transfers are an easy to use, wafer-thin adhesive instant design for furniture and decor alike. 

SIZE: 24" x 33" (60.9 x 83.8cm)

COLOUR: Full Colour

INSTRUCTIONS: Keep your transfer with its backing sheet until you are ready to apply. Any dust, dirt or grime will interfere with adhesion so ensure you are using in a clean environment. Do not allow the adhesive side of transfer to touch anything prior to application. When handling the transfer, avoid letting the adhesive side touch itself (best to do indoors away from any kind of breeze).

Start with a clean, dry, matte surface. If painted, make sure it’s well cured, and if you have sanded the paint make certain there is no residual dust. All of these things will interfere with adhesion.

Carefully remove the transfer from its white backing. Slowly and carefully lower the transfer onto your intended surface, making sure that it does not touch until the placement is correct. Use small pieces of low tack tape to hold it in place.

Using the provided tool, start at one end of the transfer and rub firmly to adhere the image to the surface, continuing until the entire image is transferred. If any parts aren’t transferred when you lift, simply lay it back down and rub more on that portion. After it is transferred, with a clean dry hand, smooth down any bits that aren’t flatly adhered. Seal with our Boutique Top or Clear Wax, or other solvent free product of your choice. 

STORAGE: Store transfers in a cool, dry place so the adhesive is not affected by humidity or heat.

Colours are approximate and may vary with screen settings.

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