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Boutique Eco Enamels

Sail Boat

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Carts & Millie Paint in SAIL BOAT is the perfect moody and wintery blue. Reminds me of the time I went sailing with friends trying to impress a boy I liked and I ended up falling overboard. The boy I liked laughed and I could not have been any more embarrassed if I tried. At least this colour will not let you down. 

Boutique Eco Enamel is a zero VOC, acrylic based (water based) paint with excellent coverage and produces a satin or gloss finish depending upon your preference of product. 

Recommended For
Suitable for interior and exterior use on many different surfaces from timber to masonry. 

16sqm/L on smooth surfaces or 10sqm/L on porous or unpainted surfaces.

Shake well before each use.

Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean and free of dust, dirt, grime or anything that is not a perfectly flat surface. Raised areas will show through your finish. Surfaces previously painted with oil based paints will need an application of Carts & Millie Boutique Primer and Adhesive Bond to ensure adhesion. For porous or unpainted surfaces, it is a good idea to also prime or use a misting bottle to dampen your surface prior to painting, or you can also slightly water down the paint. 

Boutique Eco Enamel can be applied by roller, brush or spray gun. Apply 1 coat making sure the surface is covered evenly. Should be touch dry in 30 minutes. When applying another coat and if you wish to add a topcoat, allow at least 2 hours between each coat.
Boutique Eco Enamel will provide a scrubbable surface and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Colours are approximate and may vary with screen settings.