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Sandy Crush
Sandy Crush
Charlie Latte with Sandy Crush Stencil & Silver Wax
Charlie Latte with Sandy Crush Stencil & Silver Wax

Sandy Crush

Carts & Millie
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Give your piece that time worn look as though it has gathered a century of memories.

Carts & Millie Sandy Crush is a non toxic, no VOC, all-natural powdered paint additive which achieves a unique texture. Our special base-coat formula can be added to any chalk or mineral paint to achieve that affordable vintage look. Create an array of layered styles; from weathered boats and worn timber to rendered concrete and stone effects. Sandy Crush is also perfect for creating textured, raised stencils. 

Each sachet comes with a scoop and stirring stick.

COVERAGE: Mix 1 part Sandy Crush to 3-4 parts paint, depending on how much texture you require. Always add Sandy Crush to paint, not paint to powder. 

A 110g sachet will make 500ml of base coat when added to paint. A 300g sachet will make 1200ml of base coat when added to paint. 

INSTRUCTIONS: For a layered look, pour the required amount of paint into a cup, add powdered Sandy Crush and mix well with supplied stirring stick until it has the consistency of cake frosting. Use a dabbing motion to create meringue-like peaks. As the base coat starts to harden, gently brush over the surface to slightly flatten the texture. Allow to dry for one hour before applying a top coat (with no Sandy Crush) in a contrasting colour. Once dry, sand back with an electrical sander to reveal the base colour underneath, giving an aged appearance. 

For a stone finish, add Sandy Crush to your desired colour and repeat as above. Once dry, apply a light dry-brushing of colour to highlight the texture.

For raised stencils, mix into desired colour and apply into stencil. Scrape with a spatula for a refined finish, or leave textured. 

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