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Learn all there is to know about refinishing your beloved furniture in our extensive line up of tutorials and videos. Click below to learn more:

The Basics

  • How to paint furniture 101 
  • How to prep my piece (coming soon!)
  • How to seal with finishing wax (coming soon!)
  • How to seal with hemp oil (coming soon!)
  • How to seal with a liquid topcoat (coming soon!)
  • How to apply glaze (coming soon!)
  • How to strip an existing finish (coming soon!)
  • How to choose a colour palette (coming soon!)
  • How to stain and seal raw timber (coming soon!)
  • How to clean my brushes (coming soon!)

Specialised Finishes

  • How to create a smooth, modern finish (coming soon!)
  • How to create a blended finish (coming soon!)
  • How to create a textured finish (coming soon!)
  • How to create a distressed, aged finish (coming soon!)

Embellishment Techniques

  • How to use stencils (coming soon!)
  • How to do raised stencils (coming soon!)
  • How to use gilding wax (coming soon!)
  • How to use transfers (coming soon!)
  • How to use paintable transfers (coming soon!)
  • How to use stamps (coming soon!)
  • How to use moulds (coming soon!)
  • How to dry brush (coming soon!)

Bespoke Colour Mixing

  • How to make tints, shades and tones (coming soon!)
  • How to mix new colours (coming soon!)

Decor Projects

  • How to paint fabric (coming soon!)
  • How to paint glass vases (coming soon!)
  • How to upcycle thrift store finds for resale (coming soon!)


  • What to do when my paint turns yellow (coming soon!)
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